12,900 work injuries occur each day.
Is your team ready?

Work Readiness
is Changing


Fatigue & stress impair your team's alertness, reaction time, and decision-making. Existing solutions fail to objectively identify impairment and prevent many injuries.


Cannabis is legal in 35 states for medical use and 12 states for recreational use. Additionally, many states have passed employee protections for off-duty cannabis use. Drug testing is disruptive, slow and may not prove if they are affected by drugs at work.

Reasonable Suspicion

We make Reasonable Suspicion an objective measure. By using unique and individual baselines, ReadyCheck provides relevant and measurable indicators of your team's readiness for work.

ReadyCheck is a mobile solution that provides Safety Leaders with measurable, objective and timely indicators of your team's work readiness.

This 90-second Check identifies metrics highly correlated with impairment, regardless of cause.

The Process

1. Baseline

ReadyCheck determines unique baseline metrics for each team member over a few sessions.

2. Check

Each team member performs a 90-second Check prior to a safety-sensitive task or shift.

3. Indicators

Safety and Shift Leaders get notified of Checks that fall outside the norm for follow up.

The Results

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